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In 1983, we established a corporation to publish technical books. The corporation wrote, typeset, and printed technical books for many of the largest computer companies in the world, including Unisys (Sperry Univac at the time), Mitsubishi, Core Data, Western Digital, Tandon, Philips, Hewlett Packard, and many others.

H.O.T. Press was established in 1988 as a venue for publishing our own books. Our first book, DOS the Easy Way, written by Dr. Everett Murdock, was published that same year and sold very well (more than a million copies are now in print). Later, the book was included in the box with several brands of personal computers. Now, after twenty years and many new versions, the e-book version of DOS the Easy Way is still selling to MS-DOS enthusiasts all over the world. Following the success of this first book, we published a number of other technical books. Currently, we are focusing on downloadable e-books.

Having entered the world of personal computers early on, we were among the first to realize that the internet would bring dramatic change to the publishing world by creating new ways to deliver books to readers. That change is underway, but we believe it is still in its infancy. The arrival of e-book readers such as the Sony Reader and Amazonís Kindle demonstrate the rapid movement toward the day when most books will either be downloadable or printed on demand.

Three years ago, H.O.T. Press, through its Sudbury Publishing imprint, added a little spice to its book list when we began to publish e-book fiction. And now, with Zoe Murdockís new novel, Torn by God, we are adding print-on-demand books. We believe this new printing technology will bring our books to many more readers.

H.O.T. Press is also affiliated with the popular fiction-discussion website, FictionWeek.com and the FictionWeek Literary Review , a literary journal specializing in innovative fiction and poetry.

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